Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Death of the Rant Machine

I promised I'd update at least one more time, and here I am. I find myself in the port of Amsterdam at the moment, on a ship which has just arrived here from Copenhagen. We do not have many breaks but there is time enough for a quick note before dinner.

My good readers, my beloved friends, I do no longer have the time to keep and update a blog. I do not even have enough to expose myself to the popular culture which frequently becomes the topic of my writings. I have little free time, and that which I have, I spend it all in my cabin, reading the books that I have taken with me, or going to see me girlfriend in her own cabin (yeah, I'm in a relationship with one of the waitresses on board, a Brazilian who is a true girl of iron).

So this leaves little time for the Rant Machine. To all those who are reading me and have read me, thank you for your time and attention. It was nice to have a blog and it has been useful and gratifying in more ways than one, so I'm sorry that I cannot keep it up.

I belong to the sea now. Until next time we meet on dry land, and until an improbable (who knows) resurrection of the Rant Machine, farewell, and stand me now and ever in good stead.

John Silver, a.k.a. Andrea Tallarita.