Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Is it normal that my youth, made of sunlight and thunder, is wasting away in the library? I was born for books, but maybe I should have been born old and then become younger as time passed, this way by the time I finished reading the books I need to read I'd still have the fulgor that rushes inside me now.

Meh, whatever. Just a quick rant because there was no futsal getting played today and I AM in the motherfucking library NOW. Getting remarkably bored. I feel like a bat who's woken up hungover in his cave after throwing up (mosquitoes) like an animal the night before and finding that being upside down is making him dizzy so he's on the verge of throwing up again and there's the chief-bat's wife on the rock just below his so this might go AWFULLY wrong, he sticks to it and tries to fight the nausea, then he lets go, he falls, and starts thinking of opening a site called That's more or less what I feel like in the library (well, being like a bat at least, the hungover has passed, it was one of those capable of killing an Olympian divinity so believe me am I glad it's over).

I wasn't counting on updating this place until next wednesday, but count me in among the ranks of people 'sucked into the addiction'. Maybe when I'm thirty I'll have to be surgically removed from my blog.

Intelligent of me, to put up something completely useless. It's going to ensure a wealth of readers will tag this place, really.


kant69 said...

I've toe tagged your blog already.

Brad Gallaway said...

tagged as well.

does two equal a 'wealth'?

; )

Mory said...

Don't worry- most people lose interest in their blogs eventually. Here's how it goes: You gradually spread out your posts more and more. After that, you post at all only as a concession to what you think of as a job you've neglected. Then it gets even slower, and you write posts which explicitly apologize for not writing more. Then a few months pass, you write a post about how you're really going to get back to the blog, honest, and you never write again.

So don't worry. Still being addicted to blog-writing years from now isn't so likely.

Jon Stone said...

Linked you up to our blog, Andrea! Don't know if that's the same as 'toe tagging'.

Kris Jou said...

Linked you in my blog too, andrea. I'm gonna whore this blog around when you get about four posts.

And I'm going to pretend andrea is a girl. I know bloggers dig intelligent girls that speak like you :P


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