Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Flash update

"What is that approaching in the wind?"

Aye, it's me. I have been chained down to my MA dissertation so long, I can hardly remember anything else. I have been working by night and sleeping by day - there's a certain beauty in being up and exhausted when the rest of the world is just emerging into light. Producing this dissertation has been an effort akin to stopping the Red Army in its march towards the West. I've just been run over by 16,000 words.

But it is finished. Man, what a relief. Yeah, of course I've got to revise it and write an introduction for it and shit, but that stuff's a breeze. I finished it on sunday and I've spent the two nights since then eroding away the smooth sides of my brain. Strongbow's good though not for my liver, and I spent this day under the ruins of a gothic church in a park, looking at the vaults of heaven through the vaults of god's broken house.

I'll no doubt write something more intelligent later on in the next few days. At the moment I'm still a little shocked because I was standing outside my block yesterday night with my Indian flatmate, just having a happy joint and what have you, when this pretty nifty fitbird walked by. I barely even glanced in her direction, but she turned her head towards me and smiled - a big, beaming, cheerful smile. "Hullo," I thought to myself, "I must look like more than the derelict ship I in reality am." So I smiled back and she left. When she was gone, I turned my smug face to my flatmate: obviously my implied statement was, "Did you see that?" That was when I noticed that he wasn't really looking at my face, rather his eyes were frowning in the general direction of my belt and he said: "Dude, your fly's open." Oh, fuck... I mumbled something to myself and pulled it up, and ever since yesterday night the sight of that girl looking at me and seeing this guy with a fly as open as the gates of a public marketplace, and thereby suppressing a burst of laughter into a smile which the guy interprets as one of those I-wouldn't-mind-the-idea-of-sleeping-with-you-sometime kind of smiles, such an image has been hovering before my eyes.

And I wasn't even drinking. Unreasoned punishment.

More to come later.

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