Monday, 25 August 2008

Transmissions momentarily interrupted.

Just a line to inform the reader that this blog is not dying or anything only because over the next week I won't be posting a damn thing - it's just that I've got two job interviews in London and I've got to get my butt in that big city. Now it is well known that anyone who is in London cannot contribute to a blog. So I will not.

Just gonna be busy. I'd probably write more even in this temporary goodbye note, but my flatmate just called me telling me that he unexpectedly found a bag of weed in his room while we thought we'd both finished it all for good in last night's pre-London celebrations (which were a continuation of the previous night's, which in turn were a continuation of the previous night's... this blog's words are coming to me from a country as far away as sobriety). So I've got to go right now.

Take care you people. I'll be updating in just over a week's time, hopefully.

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