Thursday, 12 February 2009

A hiatus as I head off to Paris

Am off to Paris tomorrow morning, fellas. Can't damn wait. I'm sleeping off at a friend's tonight who lives close to the airport, and then it's up and away to the country of the intellectuals.

There's just so much stuff I want to do down there. I hear they even have open lectures at the universities, so I might go and check those as well. And I hear the food is gorgeous, which would be a welcome change.

It will be a few days of break before I can post back here again though, so you guys hold your breaths for a bit. Need to get my stuff sorted et all. Apparently the accommodation for my job is basic student rooms (I simply can't get away from the academic world, it seems). As soon as I'm well established I'll post something -- within a week most likely. In the meantime, bye!!

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