Sunday, 5 April 2009

In the meantime

So here I sit, with a pair of headphones on my head telling me the chronicle of a football match I couldn't find a way to watch (and before I get the rolling eyes from the girls for my superficiality, I was meant to write an article on it) and trying to plan a pub crawl for my birthday. It looks good enough on the map, but of course these things need to be tested out on the field, so I think it'll be Paris tonight. Whether I already get drunk depends on whether I have company. If I'm alone, on the other hand, I might just try to pick up.

Come to think I'd probably try to pick up even if there were two of us. Whatever.

This is a bit of a filler post, really. It's not that I haven't had the time to write - on the contrary, I've been producing quite a bit of material. Why, then, have I not been posting it? Well, because of the big news that I mentioned in my earlier post. Until that stuff happens, I've got to put a handbrake on just about everything.

So let's think of trains now. I need to a.) go home and eat something because I'm starving and if I start drinking on an empty stomach it will not go well with the fact that I have to work tomorrow (admittedly I have said this phrase about five times in the last two weeks and it hasn't really had much effect, especially not last saturday; I ended up slaughtering myself in a club and taking the 6:10 a.m. train back to work, where I started at 9. How I managed to keep myself up on my feet is something which depended on the Red Bull, that stuff probably burns out one month of life for every can you drink of it but man does it do its job). b.) find someone to come to Paris with me and convince him/her we will NOT be drinking. c.) Lure him/her into a pub and start drinking. d.) Get home before one a.m. Sounds good.

We're off!

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