Friday, 2 January 2009

Not... dead... yet.

You can tell you've been out of a blog for too long when you need to pause for ten minutes just to remember the password so you can get back in it.

So it's been more than two weeks - I know - I had the most amazing Christmas and then the most amazing New Year's, even though one of the things I was trying to do on the latter festivity (namely, getting laid) didn't quite go according to plan.

I've also added this blog to facebook - and this is the bit where I really wonder if it was a smart thing to do, because if anyone reads this fucking thing at all, they're going to look at the above paragraph and if they were at the party or just knew someone at the party or even just fucking heard once of someone with a name similar to that of someone at the party, then they're going to read that I was "planning on getting laid" and think something incredibly sleazy.

Whatever. Great Christmas. Except for the bit in which the little girls who have the honour (call it that) of being my cousins called me up for a 'game at the Nintendo Wii' but didn't tell me it was a fucking Karaoke for High School Musical 1 through 3. As I put it to a friend (who I hope won't mind the copy and paste... ahh, when the hell is she going to read it anyway), when the blonde girl hits the high note in ‘I want faaaaaaa –bulOOOOOOOUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!’ and I had to roll with it, I swear even the dog galloped over and started barking. Tiles were falling off the walls. It was worst than the bombardments of Pearl Harbor.

Anyway. Will get back to posting soon, hopefully before the 10th of this month. Don't turn back to youtube guys. Including you, stringtheory, I know you're around.

Busy. Like. Fuck.



Nightdreamer said...

Hey, it's good to see you back here.

Off-topic, but I finally gotten around to buying a copy of The Leopard. It took me an incredibly long time finding a copy here in the Philippines. Haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but can you give me a spoiler-free summary of what I should expect from it?

John Silver said...

Hey bro! :) Expect lots of dense Mediterranean atmosphere from the Leopard, with earth as black as a woman's hair and winds loaded with the lull of the salt tongue of the ocean. Other than that, it's a refined, careful historical novel about Sicily which always knows exactly where it wants to go. It has less raw pathos than the American historical novel, but it compensates with a more typically European depth and an incredible exactitude, always balancing a sense of barely restrained vitality with a more general sense of entropic decadence.

Hope you'll enjoy it, let me know what you think.

string-theory said...

Always here.